Salmon , Trout Fishing at Manistee in Lake Michigan

Manistee Charter Fishing for Lake Trout, Brown Trout, King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead.

I fish because I love to, not because I regard fishing as so terribly important but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of man are equally unimportant; and not nearly so much fun

Author Unknown
Trophy Fish Are Caught Oh This Boat, Your Captain Knows How To Catch Them. Come Fish With Us

Salmon, King / Chinook and Coho Brown Trout, Lake Trout are among the most highly prized fish caught worldwide.

In Manistee Michigan on Hot Ticket, you will have an unforgettable charter fishing experience. Our charter fishing is one of the top in Michigan for Kings Chinook, or Coho. We Fish for Coho in May and June and Kings in July, August, September and October although the bigger ones are usually in late July and August. Those bigger ones can really put up a fight!


The lake trout in Manistee, Michigan provide an exciting fishing experience any time of year!

The Lake Trout is one of the most dependable Lake Michigan species.These deep water fish are best sought after all season long. When you are Charter Fishing out of Manistee Harbor these fish are around and plentiful. The June-August fishery off of Manistee in Lake Michigan has produced the finest Lake Trout action that we can find. 75 degree weather and lots of BIG Trout is right here in Manistee.


King Salmon

Trophy Salmon on Hot Ticket II Charterboat


Steelhead in Manistee, fishing is awesome in Lake Michigan


Manistee has the best Trout fishing in the Great Lakes

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