Lake Trout

The lake trout in Manistee, Michigan provide an exciting fishing experience any time of year! The key is, when they adjust to the water temperatures, you need to adjust your fishing techniques. In early spring and then 2 - Copyagain in early fall the lake trout are typically found in shallow waters and can be caught casting with spinning gear. As the water starts warming up in late spring through to late summer the lake trout drop down in 60 to 90 foot holes where the water is cooler. Captain Jeff knows this and knows how to catch these fish.

The Lake Trout is one of the most dependable Lake Michigan species.These deep water fish are best sought after all season long.  When you are Charter Fishing out of Manistee Harbor these fish are around and plentiful.  The June-August fishery off of Manistee in Lake Michigan has produced the finest Lake Trout action that we can find.  75 degree weather and lots of BIG Trout is right here in Manistee.

These fish can grow to be huge and catching one of these is a big deal. Lakers usually weigh about 12  to 14 pounds. Here in Manistee, they can grow to be 30 pounds or so!

Click to book your charter early so you can catch one of these great Lakers. Bring your camera, these fish are bountiful and are a great catch!

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