Steelhead in Manistee, fishing season in the summer months is awesome in Lake Michigan. Although prime time is from June and July. These trout will start to gather up in what they call scum lines that are out a few

steelhead2miles in the lake. They will start to get ready to run down the Manistee River in the summer. The Average size for Steelhead is about 7 lbs. There have been many 12 pounders and more caught off shore. Hot Ticket Charters leave before dawn to head out Steelhead fishingThese fish are awesome to catch, they can jump several feet behind the boat and you won’t even know they are hooked up. They also can run right along the side of the boat where you can see them, they are not deep water fish. It is not unusual to have a mixed bag of species on Hot Ticket fishing charter. Lake trout and Brown Trout accompany the Steelhead. For anglers looking to catch open water trout in the summer months, it just doesn’t get any better than this. This fish is one of a kind, they are very hard to catch and stay hooked up since they jump out of the water and swim erratic on occasions.

Summer steelhead are arguably the best fresh water game fish in the world. With their aggressive natures and high jumping have given the species their well-deserved reputation.

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